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Criteria for location analysis

Suppose you have the first choice of an enterprise location or you want to expand your enterprise or you want to shift production or services to a new location, particularly abroad. In all these cases question arises, which factors have to be taken into account, so that your proposition gets successful in the short and in the long run.

Important criteria, go furthermore what can be influenced by your enterprise directly.

Being included:

political, social and economic framework conditions (among other things political and social stability),

regional labour market and qualification structure,

regional pay and salary structure,

price structures (e.g. for properties, rents),

possible distribution channels

good contacts to regional and supraregional government and administration places,

regional partners on the spot,

available infrastructure (supply system, mobility, cultural infrastructure)

critical infrastructure (fire brigades, rescue service, emergency supply at failure of central components of the infrastructure like electricity and water),

possible natural risks at the locations which are in the final choice (as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, mountain slides, storms),

cultural backgrounds of the population,

ethical and moral framework.

We check possible locations for the mentioned criteria for you. You can protect your enterprise from unpleasant surprises and serious losses through this.

We develop a judgement and assessment for you in two steps:

On the basis of the data on hand we give you a multidimensional realistic assessment of the actual state.

Our extensive social and culture scientific, economic and natural scientific knowledge and experiences make also multidimensional assessments of future risks and developments possible for us so that you have a solid planning basis.

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