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Performance profile

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For the advice of your enterprise at the choice of locations and site-specific decisions we have the following performance portfolio:

Statistical data enquiry (IT-supported), e.g. of population, demography, qualification of human ressources,

geoscientific risk analysis to prevent natural and and environmental influences,

analysis of market opportunities under consideration of language, culture, ethic, morals.

Our enquiries are carried out by means of appropriate literature and statistical data about national and international contacts and at the locations taken into consideration, depending on need.

Our portfolio contains the following modules in detail:

Analysis of political, economic and social framework conditions (among other things political and social stability, risks),

qualitative and statistical analysis of labour market and regional qualification of human ressources,

analysis of infrastructure (mobility-related, cultural),

estimation of natural risks (especially risk of nature triggered disasters),

assessment of the quality of the critical infrastructure,

cultural backgrounds, ethic, morals (important during negotiations; representation of corporate culture to the outside and inside related to employees),

suggestions for competence development in intercultural communications, and training as far as necessary,

search for possible regional partners and relevant organisations and arrangement of contacts.

The listed modules can be booked also one by one.

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Our offers

To support you chosing location or planning expansion, we offer following services to be coordinated with your need:

Working out criteria relevant for the specific need of your enterprise planning for locations.

Prestudy of alternative locations.

Detailed examination of locations which are in final choice, if necessary also on the spot.

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